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CT scans with 64 detectors and is the most sensitive and accurate CT technology available in the world today with the deliveries made in November 2004.

Older technologies with less accuracy including 4 and 16 slice CT are utilized in the vast majority of imaging centers in the United States and do not provide optimal examinations compared to 64-slice CT's.  With 64 slices or detectors, we now have the capability to image soft and hard (calcified) plaque in coronary arteries well before patients suffer from heart attack or sudden cardiac death and before a stress test becomes abnormal.  It can also identify other abnormalities including cancers in an earlier stage when they are more likely curable.

MRI with increased power of 3T MRI non invasively improves the visualization of musculoskeletal abnormalities, providing a more accurate depiction of cartilage tears, injuries and degeneration. 3T improves imaging in areas such as knees, hips, shoulders, wrists, fingers and toes, for both adult and pediatric populations.

PET/Cardiac Perfusion-is a powerful diagnostic test that is having a major impact on the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Accepted Insurances

Screening exams are not covered by Medicare and other insurance companies. However, if your study is ordered by your physician to evaluate for a specific condition in may be covered by your insurance plan. Depending on your specific insurance policy pre-authorization may be necessary. Listed below are partial listing insurance companies whom we are contracted with. If you do not see your insurance company listed below, please call Westside Medical Imaging at (310) 623-1150.

We will assist the referring physicians office in obtaining pre-authorization for insurances which require pre-authorization.

For any additional questions please contact our center at (310) 623-1150.

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